Tea packing factory

A-TRADE Company starts with the tea. With the finest tea, the quality and freshness of which we carefully control from the first to the last leaf. Teatone begins on alpine plantations where tea leaves grown in a warm and humid climate and unopened buds are collected in a gentle way.

One of the main concerns of the company is the preservation of natural freshness, richness of taste and aroma of the collected tea. Aiming this we have created a high-tech production, where our products are manufactured on modern equipment.

Tea collection

Taking care of the best taste of tea, we created for it a packaging that became a business card for Teatone. Stick is a worthy setting for an excellent tea and a refined attribute for a modern gourmet.

In 2016, Teatone Company has expanded its formats and product range. Our product lines have been complemented by 15 best and new varieties in a large-leaf tea format – tea bags for teapots, as well as classic tea bags – 12 flavors in the collection, including the favorite compositions and premiers of that tea season.

In 2017, we have presented to your attention 3 new tea flavors in sticks.


In November 2012, the Teatone tea stick has received a Gold Medal in 3 nominations: Technology Innovations, Packaging Innovations, Usability Innovations at the contests of the XXI International Food Expo PETERFOOD-2012.

We have also been awarded a Gold Medal at the XX International Exhibition PRODEXPO-2013 in the nomination: Innovations in Packaging and Usability.


Teatone Company production is based on modern equipment. Thanks to the efforts of our technical experts, we have created a quality product that is affordable.

High quality of the product is the key of the success of Teatone.

  • Patents No. 119326 and 158129
  • Modern equipment
  • High quality raw materials
  • Creation of new blends on the production facilities
  • Strict quality control on all stages of activity
  • Safety systems of ISO 22000, HACCP are being implemented