SPICY ORANGE BLACK TEA in individual sachets 1.8g

A passionate duet of sweet orange and burning chili will twist you in a spicy taste. An intriguing blend of rich black tea, juicy orange and spicy chili pepper will warm with its aftertaste and will certainly have to love everyone who tastes this combination.

INGREDIENTS: small black leaf tea, candied orange, crushed chili pepper, flavoring «Orange». The place of growth of tea leaves – India.

It takes more time to steep leaf tea. Please, follow recommendations for tea preparation.

Tea Making: Get the teabag, pull the tag and put the teabag into a cup (150–200 ml), pour boiling water (95 °C) and allow to infuse (3–5 minutes).

Expiration Date:  2 years from the date of manufacture.

Net weight: 45 g (25х1,8 g) In individual envelopes for one time brewing.

Storage Conditions: Store in a dry, odorless and well-aired room with at a relative humidity below 70 %.

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