A-TRADE Company starts with the tea. With the finest tea, the quality and freshness of which we carefully control from the first to the last leaf. Teatone begins on alpine plantations where tea leaves grown in a warm and humid climate and unopened buds are collected in a gentle way.

One of the main concerns of the company is the preservation of natural freshness, richness of taste and aroma of the collected tea. Aiming this we have created a high-tech production, where our products are manufactured on modern equipment.


Taking care of the best taste of tea, we created for it a new packaging. Teatone is a worthy setting for an excellent tea and a refined attribute for a modern gourmet.

Teatone tea collection is presented in three packaging formats – tea bags for teapots, classic tea bags and sticks.


The main target of A-TRADE Company is to make a high-quality product affordable for customers and complying with the highest standards. Thanks to the efforts of our technical experts’ team, we have developed and launched a high-technology automated production, where Teatone products are manufactured.

  • Patents No. 119326
  • Modern equipment
  • High quality raw materials
  • Creation of new blends on the production facilities
  • Strict quality control on all stages of activity
  • Safety systems of ISO 22000, HACCP are being implemented
  • U.S. FDA Registration No.: 15011600506
  • Halal certificate



Why is Teatone stick so unique?

Teatone is a new packaging format for single tea brewing protected with Patent №119326. The benefits and distinctive features of a tea stick are that it contains finest loose-leaf tea as well as thanks to its unique shape it replaces a tea spoon and does not make any droplets and splashes.

What is a teatone stick made of?

A Teatone stick is manufactured of multilayer material passed all required inspections and tests. The products correspond to TR CU 005/2011 “The Customs Union Technical

Regulations “On Pack Safety”. A stick material does not distort taste and aroma of tea leaves and is stable to the high temperatures.

What raw materials are used for teatone tea?

Raw materials are thoroughly tested in the laboratory conditions. Only a natural handpicked high-quality tea will be used for the production. Raw materials are imported directly from India and China.

Where to buy?

Today the company cooperates with Federal and regional retail chains (X5 Retail Group, METRO, PRISMA, O’Key).